Interior | Public

The gallery is placed in the retail arcade at The Oberoi, Gurugram, overlooking a stunning 36,000 sq ft reflection pool, with a 15 ft high floor to ceiling picture window that lines the corridor of the arcade to let in plenty of natural light. The high ceiling, further, accentuates the sense of space and serenity creating a mood just right for some pleasant pampering. The facade of the gallery distinguishes itself from its neighbours with a glass and gold striped transparent screen, subtly accentuating its verticality. Colours like White, Gold and Charcoal set the mood of the space, sprinkled with elements in wood, fabric, metal and leather thereby, creating an experience that is simple yet stylish. The Trump gallery is an experience that is bold yet modest, minimal yet stirring. It uses a neutral shell and a handful of iconic features and contrasting elements to create an everlasting impression of the space.

Gurugram, India