Opening its doors first in 1965, the The Oberoi, New Delhi precedes an effervescent history.As part of its anticipated re-opening, the studio was commissioned to design twelve luxury suites. The refurbished suites were intended to host Heads of States amongst other dignitaries upon re-opening. The client brief was therefore to reflect the legacy of the iconic hotel, while merging with the architectural context of the 21st century. The studio adopted a contemporary design approach without disrupting the heritage. The suites were fashioned to reflect progress and are designed tastefully – infused with a mix of nostalgia, old and new, novelty and familiarity.

The themes chosen were ‘Victorian’ and ‘Art Deco’ – that resonate with the overall modernist expression of the hotel. The outcome of the entire process was the artisanal quality achieved while ensuring that the suites complement the Lutyens-esque architecture of the rest of the hotel. Each suite embodied a blend of aesthetics and ergonomics with immense attention to detail. The studio’s underlying philosophy in an interior project, Balance, is truly personified in these timeless, congenial spaces. The Oberoi, New Delhi is testimony that an icon can become a classic, without losing sight of its glorious past.