Interior | Residence

The 780-square-meters penthouse located in The IVY, adjacent to the eminent “The Laburnum”, Gurgaon, exudes sophistication and panache from every aspect. Wrapped up with frosted film, the glass entrance door provides some privacy to the family whilst giving a hint of the house to the visitors even before they enter. The glow of natural light on the door keeps varying throughout the day which gives it a transposable character. A red bench in the balcony on the first floor complements the red and gold chairs of the dining table. The hand-blown glass and cast glass light fixtures finished in brass add an extra touch of glamour to lighten up the dining and living room. The material palette for walls includes distressed brass and gold finish in conjunction with stained oak herringbone and chevron flooring. The swish and unique residence, offering spectacular views is an oasis of calm in contrast to its bustling urban setting.

Gurugram, India