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The Make in India pavilion at Hannover Messe 2015 exhibited the magnitude of India’s potential as a manufacturing and investment partner. The pavilion positioned India’s advancements across industrial sectors on the bedrock of its rich culture and idiom. History and memory were the two vital aspects of the design strategy. The pavilion’s geometry was rooted in the Navgriha and Vaastu principles, representing India’s profound tradition of peaceful progress. The Chakra, deconstructed to create a four-petal flower form, invoked immediate nostalgia. Each petal transformed into an exhibition pod, with vibrant displays of data, infographics and installations that illustrated the vast range of opportunities India has to offer. The design centered around contrast, the contrast between the materials - earthiness of wood and the threadwork versus glass and steel, technology for the futures against the skills of the craftsman, the design of the ground versus the dynamics of the sky.