A Greenfield project purposed to demonstrate the progressive development at the Bhartiya city, Bangalore, The Discovery Centre is a flexible city town hall that serves to illustrate the urban, real estate initiatives of the Bhartiya Group. Spread across 125 acres, it explores the possibilities of sustainable design and sustainable development within a narrative that highlights the concerns of the township and demonstrates the residential and commercial characteristics of the development. A distinctive egg-shaped auditorium, built with glass fiber was conceived amidst an urban plaza. Painted red, the auditorium can be spotted easily from a distance and attracts the urban Indian family looking to be a part of the township. The Building opens out at a lower level, connecting the north-south plaza, while creating a spill out space. The material palette that is fairly simple comprises of glass, steel, fabric and locally available sadarali stone. A single flight staircase in red steel & regional granite stands out as a distinct feature that brings visitors to it.

Bangalore, India