Undertaken by Architecture Discipline, a multi-disciplinary design studio, The Jodhpur (JDH) Urban Regeneration project, commissioned by the Royal Family of Jodhpur and Motherland Joint Ventures, is aimed at restoring the Walled city to its former grandeur impelled by its ancient and hallowed ground. Jodhpur, the royal epicentre of India, perceptible by its havelis, gullies and bazaars, crafts the cultural evidence for the historic past of the nation. Looking beyond the clich├ęs of the Blue City, the project endeavours to commence an inclusive urban revitalization of the city to revive the momentous landmarks and encourage livelihood. Steered by the inclusion of local experiences and expertise, the project reaps the insight of local practices and knowledge.

Jodhpur is an incredible maze of streets, bazaars, public tanks and stacked indigo-painted houses with the 2 sq. km area serving as the canvas for the Urban Regeneration project. Taking architecture beyond the built volume, redundant urban spaces have been invigorated. The grain market has been restored with key nodes being identified for focussed and strategic renewal. Other nodes identified are the havelis, that are built adjacent to each other and often interconnected internally. The conversion of these structures into boutique stores, rooftop restaurants and bars has been conceptualized by inviting Indian brands with an artisanal, yet contemporary essence, showcasing an inspiration from Jodhpur traditions and heritage.


The Blue City