As the studio enters its teenage years of existence, it demanded a fun yet architecturally charged environment to conduct business - moving out of a busy commercial surrounding to a quiet piece of land amidst blooming mustard fields. The visitor’s ingress on a bed of gravel guarded with trees on either side hiding the front lawn to the east. One moves down this gravelled pathway to be greeted by a deep red shipping container floating on a mound of earth surrounded by token greenery. This cuboid is deconstructed with an acoustically lined double-glazed facade, exposing the warm birch ply walls to the visitor. Turn away from the Red box, and we come across “The studio”, a white box - oriented east-west, nestled within dense foliage. The entire east facade is glazed, farmed within “super” thin black metal sections. The setting allows for the yard to be lit throughout the day, providing diffused light into the workspace and reducing the reliance on artificial lighting.

New Delhi, India