Located in the young, bustling SDA market is the 1500 sq. ft. Architecture Discipline Studio 2. The office is split in two levels, the lower being a self-sufficient design studio with a library and basic amenities such as a paper pantry, a coffee vestibule and a small restroom while the upper level is a more formal office with enclosed spaces like the admin, pantry, dining and a quiet room with access to the terrace. Choice of materials such as thin perforated cardboard and wired glass, which allow more luminosity within the space and maintain an interactive feel, reflect a conscious departure from streamlined aesthetics. Residual carpets from old projects are amalgamated in the form of an interesting collage on the floor, which compliments the ethos and exploratory feel of the space. Elements such as the shelving system, partition panels, and pigeonholes are designed as flexible, cost effective & colorful modules that add unity and rhythm to the character of the studio. A vibrant color palette and the use of unconventional materials make the studio a dynamic space that inspires innovations.