Located in Dhan Mill Complex, a hostile urban arena previously populated with granaries, Sepia is a retail space showcasing furniture and aretfacts. The design intent for the space was to announce its presence without resorting to banal graphics, almost like an urban sculpture. The façade, made from prefabricated galvanised iron, is composed entirely of a wall of mesh in three different colours and sizes of spacing that achieve the transparency of glass without the accompanying flatness. The resulting three-dimensional composition of colour engages differently with passerby’s and those moving at high speed. The interior of the space reveals itself as a ‘bazaar’ with connected hexagonal platforms that serve as stages for products and a black ceiling with suspended triangular kite-like surfaces that provide up light and down light, as in a typical Indian street with overhead lines. Bright primary colours, inspired by the colourful plastic sheets favoured by street hawkers form the backdrop of these hexagonal platforms, offsetting the strong geometry of plane.