In our effort to initiate a discussionaround future proxemics and the world post the pandemic, ArchitectureDiscipline proposes a prototype that shall ease our re-habitation into the newnormal. The sChoker — a smart social distancing neck brace is devised keepingin mind the special needs of people with visual and hearing impairment, helpingthem detect safe levels of proximity. Inspired by a necklace, it is a symbol of unity, made with carbon fibre which is abundantlyavailable. The need was to make it easily available, simple, uphold privacy andanonymity, and allow people to be socially "normal" and not "distant". The sChoker in this first version makesuse of simple thermal sensors (PIS sensors) to detect close animate presenceand informs the host so that he can ‘distance’ appropriately. With a 360degrees view angle, the first prototype shall be made in forged carbon fiber makinguse of 3d printing technology or CNC moulding. The choker evaluates proximityon the basis of thermal sensing and then communicates to the host whether he isin a Red (Dangerous levels of proximity), Yellow (Medium levels of proximity)and Green (Safe levels of proximity).