Within the residential realm of Palm Avenue, Vasant Kunj, the project reflects an unconventional feel of other-worldliness.Standing disparate with its clean lines and minimalistic exteriors, the property is symbolic of the evolution that its owners and creators underwent during its three-year completion/construction period. With the land as the centrepiece, the discourse of the project unfolds prudently, with the design adapting to the space and its demands. The pillars of the project are natural light, clean air, an open floor planand luxurious interiors synonymous to the disposition of the residents.Wrapped in meticulous timber grids, the exteriors are carefully planned to reflect the gradual ageing process one sees in nature.

Creating a sense of home, the visible structures stress order and provide a clean space with clear narratives that are real, minimal and honest to its residents. The house features two distinct spaces: private and public, which deem fit when overlapped. Each bedroom has been carefully planned and executed to suit each family member’s requirements while following the same overarching theme of simplicity.Keeping light at the crux, the studio has focused on the various aspects surrounding it, including diffusion, patterns and shadows. The studio has worked consistently towards reducing wasteful energy consumption at every level, be it material, or intellectual so as to never overstate something that seems incomplete or complex.


Palm Avenue