The pandemic has brought to light the current inefficacy and inadequacy of medicalinfrastructures across the world, and stirred a debate on the larger question that emerges withregards to attitudes tohealthcare, especially primary health care in the post-pandemic future.LIFE CMF is modelled to provide community-oriented and patient-directed installation; to delivercomprehensive and high-quality primary health care services while eliminating economic,geographic and cultural barriers.Delivered as prefabricated, ready to operate pods that aremodular and expandable to cater to various needs they can function as a primary care unit, criticalcare unit, surgical suite, trauma/emergency unit, isolation or recovery pod and support functionssuch as pharma unit, screening unit, or diagnostic labs, or any other medical as well asadministrative space as needed by the clients.Since the pods are made from steel shipping containers with R-19insulation and temperature control devices, they can withstand extreme weather conditions,earthquakes, harsh terrain and security threats.The use of containers as a structural element allowsthe CMFs to be easily deployed anywhere in the world, even remote regions and are operational within days of deployment, thusbeing able to set up emergency care facilities for COVID-19 patients and primary healthcarecenters.


Life CMF