Capsule for Automated Travel aims to offset the inefficiencies of the current public mobility vehicles and to address the post pandemic emergent proxemics. It is a public transport mode featuring automated pod vehicles operating on a network of specially built guideways (on ground / elevated). CAT moves small groups (1 to 4 commuters max) in AI operated pods that are arranged in an extensive network topology, with all stations located on sidings, and with frequent merge/diverge points. Commuters shall board a capsule immediately upon arriving at a station, take relatively direct routes to their destination, and move nonstop, from point-to-point bypassing all intermediate stations without stops or transfers. Features include: distanced mobility, flexibility of choosing a singular travel and compartmentalized/segregated multi-user travel, sanitation facilitated and sustainable mobility - electrically operated capsules fitted with economical zero-energy and ecologically sensitive technology. CAT also ensures rapid timed Mobility - no time lags due to congestion/jam factors and therefore a precisely timed destination to destination travel and silent/no-noise travel.


Capsule Automated Travel