The house typically stands as a tribute to the 70s Indian modernism and is a masterpiece because of its exemplary style and beauty. It is an extremely interactive home for a close-knit joint family. The architecture of this house is such that the space embraces its roots and is progressive at the same time. The experience in plan & section is that of an open space, but, that space has been planned in a way that it is interactive yet offers privacy. The curious entrance is like a ‘jharokha’, which offers privacy at the doorstep and encourages the family to leave this open for cross ventilation. At the back of the house, the kitchen opens up to the panorama of skylight. The light seeps into various places like the washrooms and living spaces, according to the movement of sun during daytime. It is a perfect amalgamation of an edgy architectural design along with the minutely fulfilled basic comfort.


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