Interior | Hospitality

The design intent for Artusi, a traditional Italian restaurant, was commenced by envisaging a natural and unpretentious restaurant, within which the hospitality milieu was to stand out in its own context. Located at the One Horizon Centre in Gurugram, Artusi provides the visitors a traditional, yet novel ambience. The interior space comprises of multiple elements/artefacts that are in line with the initial brief – offering a sense of bafflement yet simultaneously captivating the attention of the patrons. To a curious eye, the ruse behind the use of the various components is clearly perceptible. The project aimed at knitting a simplistic yet opulent Italian-space experience through diverse ornamentation which meant going back to basics and seeing things the way they are, without re-iterating any styles in context-specific geometries. The outcome of the process is an iconic interior space with a combined experience of authentic cuisine being served in a traditional, yet contemporary setting.

Gurugram, India