The intent behind the Art Lab was to create a systematic arts management system to commission, acquire, and hence support contemporary art from India and abroad. Located at The Villas in Gurgaon, it laid down ideas and opportunities for how to incorporate art at various levels and various scales and engage with the new community to create a residential development which addressed contemporary Indian issues in an innovative way. The themes of environment, sustainability and innovation were addressed through artistic engagement, public art installations and other sculptures.

This intervention was seen at four stages and four different scales – Public Nodes, Urban Gallery, Facades, Everyday Objects across different zones – Golf Course, public parks, arteries for pedestrians, other important locations. Iconic pieces of sculptures that were aesthetically challenging and required minimal maintenance were commissioned to lend to the Art Lab identity of the place. Outdoor sculpture galleries would serve as an interactive ground for people and hence facilitate conversation on the basis of art. To create a distinctive, unique, memorable and immersive environment for the residents, everyday objects such as seats, railings or billboards would serve as a platform for design intervention.


Art Laboratory