Created for a client who is a keen art collector, the Art District XIII is an un-imposing urban insert in Delhiā€™s upcoming cultural hub Lado Sarai. Conceived as a reconfigurable space for Art, with architectonic interventions, the fundamental idea of the space is to create an inviting gallery that dispels the notion that art is elitist. The exterior of the gallery is built with colorful and effervescent screens in the brand colours - white, neon green and bold pink, composed entirely of twisted metal flats at varying levels. The partial glass exterior allows a glimpse of the interior, which is an extension of the street outside, an illusion furthered by a single bold yellow line that starts outside the steps and leads one inward into the space. Stark furniture in the reception space with selected pieces in bold colors create a theatrical space that transitions from brightly lit outdoors to dark interiors. The cues from the street continue in the design of the artwork information plates, uniquely placed on the floor below each piece, akin to a parking sign, signifying the need to pause and engage with the work on display rather than pass by with the cursory glance.

Delhi, India