Set in New Delhi, A 39 is a contemporary dwelling, reflecting on the family legacy. The third-floor apartment is renovated, extended and punctured to connect with a timber cabin on the rooftop. This is flanked by a formal garden on one side and a water body with a fountain on the other. The apartment has been deconstructed to form an open plan space, where the living area, the dining area and the formal living space merge into one entity, but with enough separation to have a distinct identity. The central lobby configures the linear plan into a private space and guest space. The dining space is the central core that ties everything together and overlooks the family living space. The house is very special, done as a tasteful assemblage of various themes. The idea of timber and connection upstairs, the garden, the water bodies, various spaces, the art and artefacts weaves and narrates a story in itself for this residence.


A 39